Office 365 Assessment

We are always asking the questions...

  • Is our Microsoft 365 environment secure and configured correctly?
  • Do you know who has access to the data, internally and externally?
  • It’s in Microsoft’s cloud, surely its secure?
  • What if account credentials are breached?
  • How do we maintain compliance and privacy policies?

What's the issue?

While adoption of Microsoft 365 provides for greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage, securing your Microsoft 365 environment is essential for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer and personal data stored in the cloud.

Microsoft offers a model where responsibility for security is shared between Microsoft and the customer. In this model it is your responsibility of assessing the security posture of your environment.

Avoid falling victim

Whilst Microsoft offers ways of improving security in areas such as identity and access management, the first step to determine which Microsoft security services and controls to implement is to conduct a Microsoft 365 security assessment.

Nostra’s Microsoft 365 assessment provides a clear picture of the current security and utilisation profile of your organisation and provides a prioritised and actionable list of tasks based on the organisation’s security objectives and requirements.

Nostra’s 3-Step Assessment Process


We understand your business and cloud security objectives by completing an audit questionnaire.


Our security analytics tool is then used to assess your current security settings.


We then provide a report with an executive summary, describing a high-level overview of identified control gaps, suggested improvements and an actionable list of tasks for review and undertaking.

What do you need?

By the end of the assessment, you will be able to gain a clear picture of the threats within your Microsoft 365 environment and have a plan to elevate your current IT security protocols for regulatory and industry compliance.

What's the result?

Microsoft 365 Secure Score is a Microsoft security analytics tool that highlights the security controls that have been enabled. Nostra uses this tool to benchmark organisations against others in the same industry. Having completed the initial Microsoft 365 security assessment, Microsoft Secure Score can be used to provide ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of your security posture.

Are you ready to secure your business with Nostra?

Time to stop worrying, Nostra’s Microsoft 365 security assessment is here to help.