What is the issue?

Governance Risk and Compliance (GDC) is the process of establishing and managing a framework for IT governance, provides assurance that cybersecurity strategies support business objectives, adhere to policies, standards, and internal controls, and provides assignment of authority, roles, and responsibilities to manage risks.

Cyber threats and data breaches can have a substantial impact on all businesses regardless of size or industry. It’s not always regulators questioning security compliance standards, it’s your partners and customers too.

They all want the following question answered ; Can your organisation be trusted with my data.

Guided with confidence

If you are in a regulated industry or if you serve customers in regulated industries, IT compliance is not discretionary.  So, whether it is Central Bank of Ireland guidelinesGDPRNIS2, or DORA, Nostra guides you through the process to meet regulatory standards with confidence.

Nostra’s 4-step process
for Governance Risk and Compliance


Assess current cyber threats, business risks, and your overall cybersecurity posture.

Work out the best means to meet your specific regulatory standards and requirements.

Identify gaps for process alignment across compliance frameworks.


Build a process for ongoing maintenance of your compliance program.

What do you need?

With stricter levels of compliance across industries, it’s a challenge to turn these regulations into manageable actions. Engage with Nostra and save time, stress, and penalties for not meeting regulatory standards.

Whats the result?

After each engagement, our compliance experts provide an executive summary with prioritised recommendations and a strategic roadmap for the compliance framework examined.

Are you ready to secure your business with Nostra?

Compliance frameworks are designed to be one size fits all. Nostra goes beyond ticking boxes and provides objective guidelines to achieve regulatory requirements. We are more than happy to share our expertise with you, so give us a call/ get in touch.