Cyber Risk Assessment

Do you understand the cyber security risks to your organisations information, networks and systems?

Would you value knowing how vulnerable you are to a cyber related attack such as Ransomware?

How do you measure and manage Cyber risks in your current environment?

What's the issue?

There are many Information Security consultants who offer desk-based cyber risk assessments, they start by identifying threat sources, events, and vulnerabilities, determine likelihood of exploitation and probable impact and then calculate risks. All very manual and laborious.

ISACA, a leading Cyber security advisory, recommend doing a risk assessment every one to two years. This is a long time in Cyber technology terms.

You need, CyberPrism audit which is a NIST based assessment tool to perform a risk-based security audit designed to measure and manage your cyber risk security program on an ongoing basis.

Risk Management Framework

Not all organisations have the same risk profile so Nostra identifies the appropriate Tier level with you by obtaining a profile via a series of quick easy to answer questions to give a true comparative benchmark.

Our objective is to give you a risk management framework to ensure that the most critical threats are handled in a timely manner and thereafter track progress by doing regular re assessments to improve your cyber maturity roadmap.

Measure and Remediate

Having answered the 256 questions with our assistance, the CyberPrism audit tool produces a report and using our simple to understand charts, assessors can view the risks identified in the 5 function areas of the NIST. Each chart is interactive and allows you to quickly drill down to the relevant areas giving suggestions on the actions to take.

So not only does the assessment highlight potential risks it also suggests remedial actions to take, a unique feature of CyberPrism audit.

NIST controls are mapped to additional standards that include CIS CSC, Cobit 5 and ISO 27001 should you be interested in progressing these standards. 

What do you need?

Regular Cyber Risk Assessments reduces security incidents and avoid data breaches linked to financial and reputational implications.

Whats the result?

A Cyber Risk assessment identifies, analyses, and evaluates risks affecting an organisation’s assets and helps make informed decisions about technology and services investments.

Are you ready to secure your business with Nostra?

So, you may or may not have had a Cyber risk assessment in the past, even if you had, it is probably gathering dust on a shelf, give us a call to arrange a demonstration of CyberPrism Audit and get working on some meaningful risk prevention.