Incident Response

Incident response planning is critical to business, but the statistics show many are not prepared. 68% of all organisations have experienced a breach in the last year costing €millions including reputation damage.

What's the issue?

50% of all businesses don’t have an Incident response plan. There is no doubt it is more difficult than ever to detect and respond to issues and incidents. But that is no excuse for not having a plan.

Avoid falling victim

Our Cyber Response Team is ready when a crisis strikes. We help navigate incidents both from a technical, legal, and reputational perspective. With rapid response and extensive experience, we help organisations recover from cyberattacks.

We then help put a plan in place, so you’re prepared to detect future threats and act quickly if an incident reoccurs.

What's next?

The vCISO service enables you to get direct access to pools of cyber security professionals to support information and cyber security objectives across your business.

  • Create and update best practice policies and procedures, whilst managing security awareness programs
  • Provide input to the planning and implementation of Security Technologies to ensure the best fit for your business
  • Understand the business assets and measures to mitigate the latest threats
  • Have a plan to address cyber security incidents
  • Be aware of applicable laws and regulations that require you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data assets

Our incident response team uses NIST SP 800-61 security frameworks to ensure our incident response activities are fully compliant.

Rapid review of log files, and error messages to determine scope and damage to determine how the attackers breached the network.
Containment and Eradication
Isolate impacted endpoints, block malicious IPs, takedown systems, and backups to prevent further spread of the attack.
Restoration of operating systems, applications, and access control.
Post-incident Review
Examine existing policies and develop new policies and training to prevent repeat attacks. Implement a continuous monitoring solution, intrusion detection, and test the new security measures are working properly to detect future attacks.
What do you need?
Failing to tackle a Cyber-attack immediately, can not only lead to the leaking of confidential information and the breach of regulatory requirements but also reputational damage and loss of customers.
Whats the result?
Nostra’s cyber incident team takes control of the incident, mitigates the damage, and restores your systems to normal business operations.

Are you ready to secure your business with Nostra?

Need emergency Cyber response assistance, call 01 2939636 to get a fast and effective response to limit the damage of a breach.