Cyber Advisory

Are you confident that your current Cyber Security is robust and does your IT team share that view? Most organisations have a disconnect, that’s where Cyber Advisory comes in.

What's the issue?

You need an independent advisor to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you aware of all your critical data/assets and how they are being protected?
  2. Do you have the capability to protect those assets?
  3. Have you identified your risks from a security perspective?
  4. How effective are you at detecting and responding to cyber incidents?
  5. Have you got measurements in place to demonstrate you are protecting your organisation’s assets?

Avoid falling victim

Our virtual Chief Information Security (vCISO) service provides impartial advice for your business, helping you define your strategy, work with all stakeholders, navigate regulatory issues, and help implement a roadmap for continuous Cyber Security improvement.

What's next?

The vCISO service enables you to get direct access to pools of cyber security professionals to support information and cyber security objectives across your business.

  • Create and update best practice policies and procedures, whilst managing security awareness programs
  • Provide input to the planning and implementation of Security Technologies to ensure the best fit for your business
  • Understand the business assets and measures to mitigate the latest threats
  • Have a plan to address cyber security incidents
  • Be aware of applicable laws and regulations that require you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data assets
What do you need?
With potential liability for cyber breaches at stake, management teams are being asked the hard questions in the Board room. You need to be ready!
Whats the result?
Nostra’s Cyber Advisory experts advise management on the state of security and cyber risks. Our VCISOs drive long-term security roadmaps to guide you on continuous, cost-effective, and efficient operations for cyber security.

Are you ready to secure your business with Nostra?

If your Cyber Security strategy needs a refresh or you have a disconnect between management and IT in understanding the challenge, get in touch to speak to our experts and get back on track.